Diploma in Professional Musical Theatre 3rd Year Dance Showcase

Last week, Wac Arts Professional Musical Theatre students presented their 3rd Year Dance Showcase. The group performed a selection of dance pieces that have been working on since September, combined with a variety of the best drama and singing performances from the previous showcases. The students aimed to wow the crowd and they certainly did just that!

Thursday the 19th of March at Westminster Kingsway Theatre: 7:30pm
Resident Director: Steve Medlin
Choreographer: Natasha Khamjani
Musical Director: Dan de Cruz
Artists: Abi Blythe, James Brown, Simone Cornelius, Georgia Forde, Porsha Grant, Pauline Knapik, Jecoliah Parker, Jonathan Vieco

The showcase, directed by Steve Medlin, treated the audience to a delightful range of powerful solos, engaging ensembles from musicals such as ‘In’ from Carrie the Musical. Monologues from dramatic plays such as the ‘Medea’ by Euripides, were delivered with depth and conviction, whilst interconnected with fun and energetic dance routines such as ‘Electro swingers’, portraying the students versatility and ability to perform a variety of genres and emotions.

The students had the audience whooping and clapping, falling of their seats with laughter along with moments of stunned silence as a result of the sincere, raw emotion projected by every performer. The students gave it their all and it was a night that they should be proud of. We are all now waiting for the big production in June which will be announced shortly. If the showcases were anything to go by this will be spectacular!

After the students took their final bow, a taster of ‘Our Mighty Groove’ was performed by Uchenna Dance (Wac Arts Artist in Residence). A fun and enticing routine that takes place within a New York underground nightclub. The music, a blend of House, Vogue and Waacking, combined with African and Contemporary dance merged together for what Is, Uchenna Dance’s signatory aesthetic.

The students along with Uchenna Dance put together an amazing show full of energy, smooth transitions, and a clear focus. The evening was full of engaging performances, showcasing the impeccable and undeniable talent of the Wac Arts Students who are now ready to go onto the industry as performing arts professionals.

About the Diploma Course

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Showcase References:

· ‘In’ from Carrie the Musical choreography by sundeep Saini. Musical Director Dan de Cruz
· ‘Medea’ by Euripides, performed by Paulina Knapik and directed by Dawn Walton
· ‘Electro swingers’ performed by company, choreographed by Natasha Khamjani
· ‘Our Mighty Groove’, the WAC REMIX, music by OMG Main Mix and Composed by KwekuAacht, choreographed by ViciIgbokwe. performing with Uchenna (Wac Arts artist in residence)