Wac Arts Weekender

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The Wac Arts Weekender

A festival of arts and events inspired by, and created with, young people aged 5-30.

Wac Arts’ annual festival returns for a second year, with even more performances, discussions, workshops and networking opportunities spread across five days, in every nook and cranny of our building. Join us and our partners as we time travel between reality and fiction, explore the issues of here and now and leap into re-imagining the future. Book tickets for the Wac Arts Weekender 2018 at Eventbrite or click below. Tickets: £0-£5

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1st and 2nd Year Diploma Presentation
Wed 21 March 2018
This event is a Song and Dance presentation from the 1st and 2nd years of the level 6 Diploma in Professional Musical Theatre. A vibrant sharing, full of energy and talent – one not to be missed!

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3rd Year Diploma Showcase
Thu 22 March 2018
Join the graduating 3rd yrs of our Diploma in Professional Musical Theatre programme as they perform the best of their showcase pieces. A night of Dance, Drama and Song drawn from a wide selection of work developed by professionals in the industry.

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Wac Arts College Showcase
Fri 23 March 2018
Wac Arts College students share their work in this annual showcase – expect song, dance, film and drama from this event.

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The 1920’s Interactive Mystery Extravaganza
Fri 23 March 2018
A mystery has arisen! But worry not, The Incredible John McBones is on the case, unravelling a fun and exciting story through the dark streets and the glamorous bars of the roaring 1920’s! Escape in colourful dance, masterful performance and imaginative videos with our Disabilities and Inclusion programmes.

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Folk Dance Remixed Ceilidh Jam!
Sat 24 March 2018
Folk Dance Remixed present short extracts from their high-energy show, a colourful collision of folk and hip hop, followed by the chance to dance – jump up and join them for a funky folky remixed Ceilidh Jam!

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Junior Wac Arts Showcase
Sat 24 March 2018
Junior Wac Arts Saturday programme for young people age 5-14 year olds will be showcasing their work created this term in Dance, Drama, Singing and Music with activities available throughout Saturday 24th for all year groups and parents/carers.

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Drama Presentation
Sun 25 March 2018
Young people from Senior Wac Arts perform drama extracts.

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Senior Wac Arts Showcase
Sun 25 March 2018
The original Wac Arts programme will be entering its 40th year with a celebration of students class work in Drama, Dance, Song, Film, Music, Physical theatre and Music Technology. There will also be an opportunity to join a variety of drama performances throughout the day and a display of Aerial work in our studio.

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Arts Council England Application Workshop
Thurs 22 March 2018
Find out about Arts Council England’s new funding streams. Get clued up on how to apply to fund your arts project through National Lottery funded Project Grants or development funds for your own creative practice. Ciara Brennan is a Relationship Manager in the Combined Arts team in the London office.

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Discover Camden Network Breakfast
Fri 23 March 2018
The Camden Borough of Culture Bid network are invited to breakfast at Wac Arts as a thank you for the hard work and dedication the bid process. We will be joining Wac Arts College and Wac Arts Diploma Students and have a chance to get to know each other.

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Town Hall Tours
Sat 24 March 2018
Find out about the heritage of the building with fascinating and fun facts. Tours commence at 10.30am, please gather at Main Reception 5 mins before the tour begins. Each Town Hall Tour will last approx 30 minutes. Bring comfortable shoes and your own stories to share!
We regret that this event is not fully accessible.

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Town Hall Tours
Sat 24 March 2018
Find out about the heritage of the building with fascinating and fun facts. Tours commence at 11.30am, please gather at Main Reception 5 mins before the tour begins. Each Town Hall Tour will last approx 30 minutes. Bring comfortable shoes and your own stories to share!
We regret that this event is not fully accessible.

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Town Hall Tours
Sat 24 March 2018
Find out about the heritage of the building with fascinating and fun facts. Tours commence at 12.30pm, please gather at Main Reception 5 mins before the tour begins. Each Town Hall Tour will last approx 30 minutes. Bring comfortable shoes and your own stories to share!
We regret that this event is not fully accessible.

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Documentary Screening and Discussion with Starline Entertainment
Sun 25 March 2018
Join Starline Entertainment’s Carey Fitzgerald for a very special panel with London based director Michal Sulima and producer Jarek Kotomski, as they reveal the highs, lows, triumphs and challenges of getting their first ever feature production off the ground. Followed by an exclusive sneak preview screening before the film is officially launched across international film festivals and released around the world.

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Dance Master Class with Kloé Dean
Fri 23 March 2018
Hip Hop with Kloé Dean journeys through an upbeat warm up training hip hop basics, foundations and grooves with useful drills and exercises. This will then lead into learning a choreographic sequence utilising the foundations learnt and seeing how they can be developed and variated.

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South Asian Dance with Akademi
Fri 23 March 2018
Get a taste of South Asian Dance with Akademi. Led by one of Akademi’s professional dance artists, Seema de Jorge-Chopra, this one-hour workshop will introduce you to Kathak, an elegant and beautiful classical dance form from Northern India. With its rhythmic footwork and symbolic hand gestures, Kathak can be energetic, expressive and dramatic – engaging body and mind at the same time. It is a combination of fluid yet powerful movements.

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How Does the Film & TV Business Work? Exploding the Myths
Sun 25 March 2018
Pitching Master Class with Starline Entertainment

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Drop-in Sessions

Budgens Flashmob
Wed 21 March
Join us for a supermarket surprise at our Charity of the Year supporter, Thornton’s Budgens. This is an offsite event presented a few doors down the hill from Wac Arts at Thornton’s Budgens, 199–205 Haverstock Hill, Belsize Park, London NW3 4QG.

Free, just turn up!

Saturday 24 March: Drop-in Sessions

Drop-In Family Games, Workshops and Performance

Ever wondered what our Junior Wac participants get up to on Saturday morning? Well, now’s your chance to behave like a kid all over again and get involved with a range of classes, games, films and activities on your own or with your children.

Dance 1:
Dance class (11.15am–12noon)
Drumming class (12.15pm–1pm)
Drama class (1.15pm–2pm)

Parents Drumming Performance (12.00pm–12.15pm)

Antidote London (1pm–2pm)
Urban playmakers Antidote are taking over the atrium of Wac Arts and turning it into an adult’s playground. Expect a range of drop-in activities and challenges to re-ignite the playful spirit of childhood. Come on your own, come with some friends, come and have fun!

Back Atrium:
Visual Arts and Craft-Making (10.30am–3pm)
Come and make banners, flags, signs and masks for our Wac Arts Cheer Station. Then, if you can, join us outside Cannon Street Station on Sunday 25th March between 9.30am – 2pm to wave what you make and support Wac Arts’ runners as they aim to compete the London Landmarks Half Marathon to raise money for our programmes.

Town Room:
Pop-Up Cinema (12pm–4pm)
Need a rest after all that dancing and drumming? Take a seat in our pop up cinema showing the latest films and artwork from our film a digi-arts classes, complimented by beats and sounds created by young people from our music technology class.

All classes and activities suitable for children aged 7+ and playful grownups.

Wear comfy, loose clothing for workshops and dress for the weather if joining the Cheer Station on Sunday.

Free, just turn up!

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Wac Talks Diversity
Thu 22 March 2018
“Hi. I’m Daisy-May. I’m currently studying the 3-year full time Professional Diploma in Musical Theatre at Wac Arts and see myself on stage in the West End, doing what I love, but I have some questions on Diversity that I would like to share please come along to my talk to speak and listen.”

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Wac Talks – Too Old or Too Young?
Sat 24 March 2018
Wac Talks – Too Old or Too Young

[button colour=”green” type=”squarearrow” size=”small” link=”https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/wac-arts-weekender-wac-talks-too-old-or-too-young-tickets-43607719864″ target=”_blank”]More information…[/button]


Book tickets for the Wac Arts Weekender 2018 here.

Wac Arts Ticket Pricing

You will see that you can chose to buy tickets for the Wac Arts Weekender events at £5 or come along for free – we are pricing all the events below on a Pay What You Choose basis.

All funds raised through tickets help us to meet Wac Art’s fundraising target and so enable us to run our programmes with young people. At the same time, the Weekender is a chance to grow our audiences and share our work with our community.

We will have donation buckets on site all weekend – any additional donations, large or small, on the event days will be greatly appreciated.

Wishing you a Happy Wac Arts Weekender

To keep up to date on Weekender news check back here or Facebook or Twitter pages for further stories.