Bernarda Alba performance was a success!

Diploma Graduation 2016-6940Bernarda Alba opened on Thursday to an ecstatic reception from the audience. It was the culmination of months of hard work from staff and students alike, and we’re sure the third years are going on to achieve really great things.

Head of drama Steve Medlin said, “I’m so proud of our third years – they performed spectacularly, with gripping performances from all. Bernarda Alba is an extremely challenging production and they more than did it justice. From the comedy stylings of Seussical The Musical last year to this dark, brooding Spanish tragedy, our students have always excelled across genres. I wish them the very best in their future careers – I’m sure this is just the beginning of a fantastic professional journey for all of them.”

We’ve had student Eleanor with us for work experience this week – she’s been helping both in the office and on site at the Cockpit Theatre and has given us a lovely review of the show:

Diploma Graduation 2016-6391“Bernarda Alba was an exciting presentation of the life of a woman and her five daughters in a small town in Spain in the early 1900s. The use of dance, music and drama are incorporated to present the tense atmosphere within the community as well as the daughters’ desire for independence and freedom. Not only do the performers brilliantly display their talents across dance, song and dramatic monologues, they also achieve a lively and exciting atmosphere throughout. James Cleeve and Talia Cohen work with the director Julia McShane to create a charismatic and overall hugely energetic performance, using the flamenco dance and animated music to portray the characters’ emotion and the show’s style. The students kept the storyline flowing throughout – I loved watching the opening of the show. The flamenco clapping and stamping rhythms really engaged the audience and introduce the play with a huge burst of energy. It really made me feel part of it and the way all the dancers worked as one group was impressive and exciting start to a great show.”