Celebrating ‘International Day of People with Disability’…

…and Committing to The Goal of Sustainable Development Through Technology

Today, December 3, is observed as the International Day of People with Disability by the United Nations since 1992. Wac Arts would like to wish everyone a fantastic International Day of People with Disability. Today is the day about raising awareness and promoting an understanding of the issues that affect people with disabilities, and engendering support for the rights and well-being of disabled people. It also aims to increase awareness about inclusion persons with disabilities in every aspect of political, social, economic and cultural life.

Each year since 1998, the day has been focusing on different issues and this year’s theme is – Sustainable development: The Promise of Technology. Technology plays a vital role in people’s day-to-day lives, and has widely impacted the standard of living since years now. However, not everyone benefits from the technology advancements in the society, primarily because not all of them have access to it and not everyone can afford it. UN states that “this year, it will work to harness the power of technology to promote inclusion and accessibility to help realise the full and equal participation of persons with disabilities in society and shape the future of sustainable development for all!”

At Wac Arts, we have been offering a range of performing arts and media opportunities for young people with special educational needs and disabilities since the early 90s. Today our disability provisions, including Wonder Wac Arts, Buddying and Transitions and Wac Arts Interactive reach hundreds of disabled young people over each year, supporting them to develop skills, work creatively, build confidence and self-esteem and, most importantly, have fun!

A UNESCO Global report (UNESCO Global Report, 2013) indicated that people with disabilities face a wide range of barriers, including access to information, education and a lack of job opportunities. Access to technology can be used as an extremely powerful tool to raise the living standard of the disable people, to provide them opportunity to explore their talent, and mark their presence in the mainstream development.

Wac Arts understands the importance of technology among disabled people, and emphasises making technology accessible for all. We have introduced programmes to improve the well-being and inclusion of persons with disabilities in society and development. We are continually working towards empowering inclusion through a range of courses like – Radio Production, Television Production, Animation, Music Technology, DJ/ VJ, Film Making, 3D Printing, App/ Game Development. Wac Arts programmes are created with an aim to offer an opportunity to explore the talent of disabled people, and channel their passion for technology.

Maggie Mendy, Disability Officer at our office, talked about our disability programmes in detail with the London Youth Club. Read here to know more about our initiatives towards providing supportive, structured and fun environment to learn, building self-confidence in the students with disability, and encouraging their creativity.