Interview with James Jumbo…

James Jumbo

It sounds like you’re up to something exciting – what are you doing?

[pullquote]At the moment I’m songwriting, recording, pitching, doing mainly recording – obviously. I’m working with an independent management company – I’m on a management deal – there’s some major label interest so I’m working alongside major labels – I can’t really mention them as yet.[/pullquote]

Who’s your management company?

[pullquote]Mojola Ltd. and my manager is renowned – she’s got a lot of pedigree to her name for radio plugs (TV etc) – her name is Suzy Zenouzi.[/pullquote]

What’s it been like to meet people and do this work?

[pullquote]It’s amazing – it’s a massive, massive leap because I’ve gone from doing open mic’s and shows – just normal performing alongside friends in a group and we kinda’ thought ‘Oh Yeah! We’ve got this’ but as soon as I left that and came to this – it’s a new world and if I had stayed there I’d have been wasting my time.

I’ve learnt … I’ve crammed my brain with so much – a stupid amount!
… Like new singing techniques (see studio technique below) … to be honest I thought I was doing alright to even get noticed…[/pullquote]

Can you give us a couple of examples of things you’ve learned?

[pullquote]Well on the business side of things – I knew quite a bit because I have done a course in that kinda’ thing – but now I know that when you’re in ‘the real deal’ there’s a lot of things that go over your head, like ways to retain money, ways to make sure no-ne is taking your money from you …

Obviously I trust my manager because she’s investing money in me anyway …

… you know I learnt how to speak to people on a professional level … you have to learn with experience because its quite difficult – you might end up saying the wrong thing to the wrong person … so I am learning that …

Singing side of things – my studio etiquette – that’s really important because its one thing to sing live … you could go on stage and blow them away, but in a studio if you cant track your own vocals the same every single time … its like ‘What you doin?’ …! So I learnt that!

I was alright because I was recording before but I have got to a different level to the point where I didn’t have to do many takes of the same thing … and it happened quite quickly – I picked it up.[/pullquote]

How has Wac Arts helped you?

[pullquote]Oh so much! Wac Arts has helped me grow … as a person – I started coming to Wac Arts when I was 10 years old – I am now 19!

It’s just last year I stopped coming and probably I might still come back temporarily …

I’ve been coming to Wac Arts for eight years and I had ups and downs (managing my time) but I have been coming here for so long almost integrated as part of my life – pretty much my whole family comes here.

My little sisters are coming here next year, my younger cousin comes here and my two older cousins come here …

I think Wac Arts … what it did was essentially push me in the right direction – it was the right environment to be in at the right time.

I came in – I sang – I met people that would help me get out there
I got a ton of experience and there was a lot of inspiring people within Wac that have told me bits of information along the way.

That’s kind of it – it just blossomed and it’s just helped me so much![/pullquote]