Danny Sapani pn Penny Dreadful

Danny Sapani, a Wac Arts graduate, has a role in the new series on Sky Atlantic ‘Penny Dreadful‘. acting alongside Eva Green, Josh Harnett and Billie Piper. Danny plays a character called ‘Sembene’, who is described as “an African man with ritual face scarring who serves as Sir Malcolm’s sentry and confidant. He has an air of mystery about him and his heroic efforts will prove invaluable to Sir Malcolm in his personal quest.”

‘Penny Dreadful’, a Horror TV series on Sky Atlantic and Showtime, is referring to the 19th-century cheap British fiction publication. It weaves together some of the most frightening characters lurking in London, including Dr. Frankenstein, characters from the novel Dracula, and Dorian Gray. As the show progresses Danny’s character continues to develop and has some of the most meaningful lines helping to unfold the plot!

We are very proud of our alumni! Make sure you catch the show… it’s not for the faint hearted!