The Wac Arts offer

Wac Arts is an inclusive and diverse performing arts organisation. In all our work and especially our work with excluded children and young people, we stand out from the mainstream in many ways:

Range and quality of programmes

Wac Arts is one of only a handful of arts organisations offering a truly multi-disciplinary arts programme. With activities from artworking and trampolining to video production and dance, we provide a range of diverse activities across a spectrum of artistic genres. Inspired by the performing arts, dance, theatre, music and beyond, and branching out into creative media and the visual arts, Wac Arts embraces them all. Quality training with an innovative approach throughout all our programmes ensures there is something for everyone.

Ability based progression

Students at Wac Arts participate in activities based on the level of their artistic ability, rather than their age. A unique feature of the Wac Arts approach, children and young people develop at their own pace, benefiting from tailored creative packages and targeted activities. The range and extent of Wac Arts programmes mean that young people are often able to progress from entry-level sessions to professional level qualifications wholly within the organisation. The continuity and security this provides can be especially valuable to many Wac Arts students.

Lifelong engagement

Throughout their lives, children and young people negotiate often difficult key transitions – in starting, changing and leaving schools, sometimes living through family crises or entering work for the first time. Wac Arts provides a continuum of engagement and security for young people in times of change. We support young people and their families from small children until their 30s. Many re-engage with the organisation as adults, working with us in their professional lives, and bringing their own children to Wac Arts. The longevity of the organisation and the relationships we build with our students gives a depth and quality to Wac Arts that is incredibly special in a rapidly changing world.


We believe that all children and young people can benefit from the creative arts and that no-one should be excluded from the joy that this provides. We offer a range of programmes and activities that encourage young people of all abilities to work and learn together. They work alongside each other or take part in shared activities, where specialist skills are targeted for those with more complex needs and others are empowered to share their talents. Our buddying and volunteering programmes ensure that all young people have the support they need to participate in whichever Wac Arts projects interest them.

… and the Wac Arts extended family

Many young people at Wac Arts talk about the Wac Arts family. In addition to the quality of our creative arts training, we provide a comprehensive support network through mentoring, buddying, counselling, nutritional support and advice. The longevity of our relationships, the inclusivity and lifelong possibilities for engagement at Wac Arts allow us to provide an enduring foundation for our students. Throughout their childhood and adolescence, becoming adult professionals in the field and beyond, we remain a constant presence in sometimes unpredictable lives. When young people are unable to find security elsewhere, the Wac Arts family provides a genuine and holistic safety net of support, enabling young people to fully realise their potential in life.

Wac Arts
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