Recording Studio

To ensure the widest possible access to this fantastic community facility, Wac Arts Recording Studio is now operated by HMVS – Hampstead Music and Voice Studio.

Run by voice specialist and electronic composer, Eva Brandt, and percussionist and sound artist, Paul Chivers aka Ramjac, the studio works with schools, colleges, councils, organisations, students, theatres, bands and individuals.

The studio welcomes anyone looking to take their music or project further, or to put a professional portfolio of work together, services on offer include:

  • music recording and production
  • voiceover recordings and voice reels for actors and voiceover artists
  • sonic art and music composition for installations, theatre and film
  • mixing of single tracks or albums
  • mastering

The studio includes a control room and two live rooms. It accommodates 24-track recording for bands or ensembles and offers both digital and analogue processing.

Being located within the Wac Arts building, studio users can access the café whilst working at the studio and benefit from its amenities and convenient location.

For more details and information please check the HMVS website at


If you would like more information about the recording studio or to find out how to access this exciting facility, please email or call us on:

Eva: 07984 980 626
Paul: 07837 021 795

Wac Arts
020 7692 5800